Singapore launches claw machine for catching durians

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A few days ago, when I was wandering around the Tampines 1 shopping mall in Singapore, I discovered that the claw machine shop actually launched a "durian machine"!

The "durian machine" is played in the same way as the ordinary claw machine. You only need to grab the durian and throw it into the hole, then the durian is yours~

However, this is easier said than done. Some experts caught 24 durians for 100 Singapore dollars (about 537 yuan), some spent 40 Singapore dollars (about 215 yuan) and caught 6 durians, and some spent more than ten dollars (Singapore currency, 1 Yuan SGD ≈ 5.3677 RMB) nothing.

A player said: "Generally speaking, it is better to buy it directly, because you can eat it with money, and you may not have something to eat with money. But this is the first time I saw a durian claw machine. It’s more interesting, let’s play a few times and try it~”

An uncle said: "This is indeed a certain degree of difficulty. You need certain skills. I also know that it is more cost-effective to buy directly, but I can play this game for entertainment and have durians to eat."

A "sober" brother said while playing: "You can't catch a doll that is so light, how can you catch such a heavy durian!" After speaking, he put money into the machine.

Durians are caught every day, and a maximum of 300 durians can be "sold" a day

This year, the purchase price of Musang King is as low as 8 Singapore dollars (about 43 yuan) per kilogram, almost falling to a new low in 10 years! Because the output is really good~

Taking advantage of the low cost of durians, many business operators saw business opportunities and launched the "Durian Crane Machine". It is reported that the durians in the claw machine are relatively small, so as not to get stuck in the hole.

The person in charge said: "Durians are relatively heavy and have inconsistent shapes, so this is quite a challenge for customers. But our customers are also very happy to play, because they are playing that kind of shipping. We will replenish durians after the customers have finished catching them. Customers will finish catching durians every day, and we produce about 200 to 300 durians a day, and fresh durians are delivered every day.”

The industry said that customers play the "durian claw machine" mainly for fun, and they are eager for that kind of challenge and satisfaction~ Customers themselves know that if they really want to eat durian, it is better to go to the stall to buy it~
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