The world's largest Monopoly theme park is open, you can make money while playing

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The world's largest Monopoly theme park is open!

Monopoly Dreams Melbourne is the world's second and largest Monopoly theme park authorized by Hasbro and costing AUD 20 million to build.

The project is located on the LG floor in downtown Melbourne, covering an area of 1,650 square meters, twice the size of the Hong Kong project (the world's first Monopoly theme park). Mark Connolly of Monopoly Dreams said that once the park opens, it is expected to attract about 500,000 annual visitors.

The entire park is mainly divided into two areas: Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion, with 15 iconic check-in locations and a Monopoly 4DX cinema. Here, visitors can immersively experience Monopoly financial management, real estate buying and selling and other activities...

In this mansion lies the vault of a wealthy man, which contains a precious diamond protected by a high-tech security system. To win the diamond, visitors must navigate a laser maze in just one minute, which will test their reflexes and cunning.

When you break into Mr. Monopoly's magnificent mansion, be careful not to accidentally end up in a "claustrophobic place"! Of course, this prison is open to visitors, who can also visit the prison's bird inhabitants, Jack, and the law enforcement officer, Mallory.

Then, stroll through the bustling urban streets full of wealth opportunities, enter financial institutions, and accumulate a large amount of wealth tokens (Monopoly Money) through buying, selling, and clever planning in a series of complex and intriguing transactions.

Visitors can also accumulate Monopoly coins by repairing broken water pipes at water plants, and make profits by supplying electricity to power companies. Proceeds can be used to purchase title deeds to Monopoly properties.

Finally, there is also the world’s first Monopoly helicopter in the park, which you must not miss.

4DX Cinema, immersively experience the adventure of Mr. Monopoly

As the treasure of Melbourne Park, there is MONOPOLY 4DX cinema in the park. Visitors can watch 4D movies here, and the theater seats are equipped with motion simulators that can sway, rise and fall in sync with the movie, and even feel multi-sensory experiences such as water, wind and smell. This immersive experience puts you right in the middle of the epic urban adventure of Mr. Monopoly and his loyal dog Scotty.

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