Immersive interactive sports AR indoor amusement game machine baseball simulator

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Immersive interactive sports AR indoor amusement game machine baseball simulator

NameSimulated Baseball Interactive Game


MOQ1 piece
ConfigurationWith ball machine, ball return machine, projector, sensor, controller table, screen etc                      


The simulated baseball movement is based on a large projection screen as the carrier, through the detection equipment to detect the movement of the experiencer and the ball's movement direction trajectory feedback to the computer, and finally the computer reflects the results and pictures on the large screen.

The birth of indoor simulated baseball, it avoids the limitations of the venue, weather conditions, air quality and other factors, and also allows more people to easily access baseball sports. Indoor simulation baseball equipment, through the computer software to control the ball machine, the placement of each ball is accurate, and it can also be adjusted according to the students' own level, just like an intelligent computer coach is training with the students.

Through the systematic baseball training mode in the computer software, an all-round improvement of tennis action is obtained. It has the characteristics of not being affected by weather and environmental factors, using small space and low operating cost. In addition to the increasingly busy urban life, simulation training can be carried out at any time.

Interactive somatosensory fitness game

Combine traditional tennis sports with advanced 3D digital technology to bring customers an immersive tennis training experience

Ball Return System Function

Eliminates the need for users to repeatedly collect tennis balls scattered on the court and improves the efficiency of training

Not affected by Environmental Factors

Features of small space and low operating cost, Apart from the increasingly busy urban life, Simulation training can be carried out at any time

Play model1. Multi Scene ModeThere are three modes of training,competition and game to choose from in the game

2.Multi-mode Operation
Suitable for sports clubs, sports development training, sports training, education training,primary school training, and young students to expand competition

1:1 scale reduction,using Stage motion capture technology to create a 100% immersive experience environment.


 Application field:

1.commercial display


3.sci-tech exhibition


5.the theme park

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